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Art of Happiness Gallery

Inspirational Art - Paintings and Sculptures By Sofan Chan and Rochman Reese

Art for Love, Happiness and Tranquility

Our Artworks can be far more than just something for your eyes, they can also nourish your soul and tantalize your mind. All of our paintings and sculptures have been created with a very special focus on love, happiness, tranquility and inspiration.

In our artistic creations, we want to give joy and share our love of life with others. Artworks have such an amazing power to influence our thoughts and emotions, to uplift and also inspire. When you surround yourself with paintings and sculptures that fill your thoughts with love and happiness, what a difference it makes!

Our Story

Sofan Chan - Painter and

Rochman Reese- Sculptor

Our Art

We are artists who have dedicated our lives to creating paintings and sculptures about love and happiness which uplift and inspire other people.

We create artworks in a wide variety of mediums and sell a wide range of both original oil paintings and sculptures as well as limited edition prints and handmade sculptural castings.

About the Artists

Sofan Chan - Painter I was born and spent my formative years in Hong Kong, a place of great cultural diversity. I studied advanced western painting techniques at the fine art institute of Chicago in the USA, before finally settling with my husband Rochman in Australia.

My paintings have an easily recognisable, unique style filled with filled with vibrant, happy colours and flowing lines. My original oil paintings and limited edition prints are now proudly displayed in a wide variety of collections around the world.

Painting is a form of meditation for me. When I am truly in tune with what I am painting, the inspiration begins to flow, and the paint takes on a life of it's own and effortlessly appears onto the canvas.

Rochman Reese Sculptor I was born in Australia and spent many years wandering to strange places around the world, and my sculptures are influenced by many different cultures.

My sculptures are a sensual experience. A good sculptural work calls out to be touched as well as looked at. In my work I try to create artworks which evoke an instant tactile response.

Often when I am sculpting my hands just seem to take over. It's almost as if my mind switches off or goes on holidays. It is a state of being outside of time for me. Many hours can pass as almost unconsciously the sculpture seems to create itself.

Both Sofan and I continually inspire each other. Perhaps this is why so much of our Artworks are about love, happiness and tranquility.

We are now living our dream together creating inspirational artworks on an island in the middle of the Hawksbury River near Sydney. Each day we move a little bit closer to our goal of living our lives as a work of art. You can too.


Our home and studio gallery is located on an island in Australia about one hour north of Sydney in the picturesque Hawksbury river region. You are welcome to come to the studio to view and purchase our artworks. We have regular open studio and exhibition days.

Visit our Studio

If you wish to make a booking to come to our studio. You can email us or call and talk to us us directly on (international61) 407 447 359 for more information.

16 Grantham Ave, Dangar Island

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 9:30 PM


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